Goat Simulator Mod APK v2.13.0 Unlocked All Download

About Goat Simulator Mod APK:

Goat Simulator Mod APK

Goat Simulator Mod APK is a famous simulation game with many users. If you are here to Download the Mod version of this game, then you are in the right place. In this version, all the paid content is unlocked. This game is specially developed for those who love animals and want to transform into animals and look at the world through their eyes.

Players are transformed into a goat and released into the open world and whatever she wants. Goats do many crazy things like destroying the furniture and hitting anyone. If you talk about weird games, you definitely talk about Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain Developers. Creators of this game also described that it is a stupid type of game and there is no rule and regulations. But the idea of making this weird game makes some money for Coffee Stain.

The goat wonder in the open world does anything she wants without any rules and orders. Players transform into crazy goats and do crazy things. There is no particular task in the game but just to wander here and there and destroy things and make things chaotic.


Players have too much free space to move around without any hurdles. There are not any missions or levels. You just have to do stupid things and destroy many things as many you can. You can release stress and anxiety by destroying items in this game. This game has too much similarity with Warnet Simulator Mod APK. You can download and play it.

Goat Simulator Mod APK

Your aim is to destroy things as much as possible. Some people compare this game with old school skating game, but the difference is that you are a goat instead of a skater. This game brings you the best technology for goat simulations. This is a different type of simulation game that will give you a whole new gaming experience. If you are an animal lover and want to see this world through animals’ eyes, then your dream comes true. Download and play this game for free. But additional levels are required to unlock with real money. But if you don’t want to pay for it, just Download the Mod version of this game without paying for it. You will get all the additional levels unlocked.

More Information:


App Name Goat Simulator
Developers Coffee Stain Publishing
Category Simulation
Latest Version 2.11.1
Rated For 12+ Years
Mod Info Unlimited Money, Maps/Skins/Goats Unlocked


Free Vs Mod Version:


Free Version Features of Goat Simulator

Mod Version Features of Goat Simulator

NO Money Unlimited Money
Include in-game purchases & locked Premium Features Free to use + Everything Unlocked
Frustrating Ads Ads Free
Limited Features Fully Featured/ Premium Features Unlocked
Clean ( No Virus ) Clean ( No Virus )
Earn Money and Purchase Gems Unlimited Money & Gems
Spend Time to Unlock Levels Unlocked All levelsĀ 


Features of Goat Simulator:

This game has many features for android users.

Be a Goat:

Players will play this game as a Goat released in a town where she does many things. Start a new journey of your life as a goat. Act as a goat and find out what it looks like from the inside. This is not a regular goat. This is here to destroy the environment. Start the game as a goat and do what you want. Control the Goat with different buttons on the screen. When you start controlling the Goat fully, do some weird things, do anything you want, and no one will stop you.

Goat Simulator Mod APK

The Goat has some special powers. Try these powers in different ways. It is an open-world game. There are no rules and regulations, and do what you want. Some environmental features are provided by the game developers in the game to give some natural feel.

You can see people walking on the footpaths on your screen. You can either hit them or just ignore them and discover new places. It is the best option for you to explore new things because you are a goat and can’t drive a car or do other things. Goats can fly in the air, find some fireworks, stick them on your back, and then you will fly in the sky and fall down after a while automatically.


Players can change the appearance and the looks of Goat. There are different looks and characteristics available in the customization menu. Use according to your choice. This customization will affect the gameplay, so be careful how to customize the character. Many animals can be used as goats. There are some particular kinds of goat-like shark goat and spider goat.

Goat Simulator Mod APK

All the characters look different from one another. Some surfaces are spherical and muscular, and some are tall like a giraffe. Players like this feature to alter their character’s looks, and their skills depend on their appearance. It will take some time to make an expert in this game.

Full of Adventures:

This game has different ways to be played. Move freely around the city and complete the quest. Move around the map and find various items and places to explore. It will never let you get bored.

Graphics & Sounds:

This game uses realistic 3D graphics, which make it close to reality. Moreover, the soundtracks and effects are amazing and clear and provide a unique gaming experience. Live sound effects make this game more interesting.

Different Game Modes:

Play this game in different Modes and never get bored by playing the same game. If you want to check the capabilities of your Goat in space, then play the Waste of Space game Mode. Play Zombie Mode to turn your Goat into a zombie and enjoy the gameplay. Play in Easter Goat Mode, in which your Goat lays eggs and then they turn into miniature goats.

Unlimited Mode:

Goat Simulator is free to Download and play, but it includes some in-game purchases to unlock items and different levels. In Goat Simulator Mod APK, you will get all the things free without paying for them. Get unlimited money to open maps, skins, and characters. All the maps are already unlocked and explored more. Enjoy the entire game for free.

Discover and Complete Challenges:

There are a lot of challenges to discover and complete. Discover Goat Ville, Goat City Bay, and Goat Wood County and explore them. You can see many things around you. Discover new things and make them more attractive.

Goat Simulator Mod APK

There are some challenges for android users to complete them and earn the reward. People used to play this game and share their experiences on social platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Uses get guidance by watching these videos before playing the game. This way, they will know how to play the game, use the controls, and complete complex challenges.


We hope you will enjoy Goat Simulator Mod APK, and this article will help you understand the features of this game. It is one of the most played simulator games. People love to do weird things to release stress and anxiety. This game is the best choice for them. Get unlimited money and all features unlocked in the Mod version provided by our website. If you face any problem using this APK, then feel free to ask in the comment section our support team is available 24/7 to help you.

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