Blob Hero Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

About Blob Hero Mod APK:

If you are a fan of games with action, you must test Blob Hero Mod APK with unlimited gems and cash today. You will have fun as you defeat many enemies using your acquired skills. Take a break now and have fun.


App Name Blob Hero
Category Action
Version 0.7.91
Rated For 10+ • Fantasy Violence
Mod Info Unlimited Money


Blob Hero is a collection of unique characters to fight in a team fight where players can split Blob into pieces and battle against the entire team. The map showing the field’s area can be taken from a 3rd-person viewpoint. Players will face off against an army of soldiers that use various weapons that can cause substantial damage. New chapters are packed with new heroes with unique abilities, making the game more thrilling. The adventure starts with a variety of new skills to test.

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Many exciting games are available today that you can enjoy and don’t cost any money. If you’re a fan of playing these games, you must test Blob Hero now and defeat opponents. Tap Tap Run Mod APK is another interesting game that you can play.

It’s delightful as you battle many enemies today using your unique ability to shoot out slime-like blobs. This thrilling game can be played anytime, like as you defeat hordes of enemies.

What is Blob Hero APK?

The whole process of consolidating your power within the Blob Hero mod apk will encounter various obstacles. The crowds of enemies and the multitude of obstructions will cause the game within the battle arena to be chaotic. Every game counts as a level. Once you reach the strength required and strength, you’ll be able to progress to a higher level. Mana and food are scattered on the field. However, they can be challenging to consume since various swords surround you. Only by combining your power source can you complete this challenging job.

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Naturally, in the download Blob, Hero mod apk is campaigns, all singles participating in online events and battles drives to collect resources, fights with bosses, and various episodes. The money you earn is invested in developing the hero’s gear, research, and unlocking new forms of magic and other skills.

Features of Blob Hero:

Use Skills to Win Battles:

More than 30 different skills can be a problem for players participating in Blob Hero. They’re not just utilized to hinder your movement but also affect your energy search. It is fair; by the capability to divide your group, you can split into a number of new people and then confront soldiers. Double the number; you’ll have more people to use this skill.

Unique action gameplay

You can download and play many enjoyable games on your mobile. If you’re a fan of unique playing games, There are plenty of them to play.

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There are many fun games to play right now, which you can play any time you like. There is no need to spend money on most of these games since they’re free. One of them can be Blob Hero, which lets you take on a variety of opponents.

Unlimited Upgrades:

There are many games available to play and enjoy whenever you’d like. There are numerous improvements within Blob Hero as you can increase your capabilities. It lets you combat a myriad of enemies that keep you constantly fighting. Also enjoy unlimited everything in Art of War Mod APK.

In this fun game, you can continue to upgrade to increase your offensive and defensive capabilities. This is a game that’s fun which you can play any time you like right now. Enjoy this thrilling and endless combat game.


A variety of new characters are developed, and they have similar traits. Blob Hero differentiates characters by their colours and features. Characters familiar to you, such as the rainbow uncle or panda ghost, a playful little girl. The players unlock them as they fulfill the requirements set to be met by the game. If you wish to own them, you’ll lose enormous money. Your choices could alter what happens in the fight. It could become more exciting if the boss showed up and started to raise the difficulty.

Amazing Weapon System:

After every stage, the player becomes allowed to unlock new abilities for their character. This gives players more options in the fight against the enemy. There are a variety of skills, including shooting rockets from all directions shooting bullets around the hero, explosives, and many more.

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Each skill has distinct ways of dealing with the damage and requires an interval of reloading after use. This means you should think carefully about how to get the best performance in your attack. Furthermore, the weapon system of Blob Hero is also very different, with a distinctive design. Using various weapons to make efficient attacks, you can combine your character’s abilities.

Features of Blob Hero MOD APK:

  • God Mod
  • Gold Injection
  • High Range Magnet
  • Move Speed Multiplier


How to Download Blob hero?

You can download the latest version of this game from our website for free. You don’t need any other device app to run this application. You have to simply download and install on your mobile phone and run it.

How to install Blob Hero Mod APK on Mobile?

  1. Download this app from the given download buttons.
  2. Open the application from the download directory on your phone.
  3. Allow “install apps from unknown resources” in your mobile settings.

unknown sources

How to install Blob Hero Mod APK on a PC?

System Requirements to Run this application.

  • Intel HD or Nvidia Graphic Card.
  • The latest Graphic Drivers are installed.
  • An emulator to run the APK like Bluestack.

Go to the Official Website of BlueStack and download the latest version of this software.

bluestatck download

Install Bluestack on your computer and must check the system requirements.

Bluestack installer

Run this software after installation.

Open “Media Manager” in settings and import the downloaded apk file from our website.

import file form window in bluestack

Install the APK file.

installing apk file in bluestack

Your application is ready to run. Enjoy the unlimited version.

What kind of game is Blob Hero?

Blob Hero offers an action-packed rogue-very-lite game that has you battling thousands of enemies. You can unlock special features while fighting that assist you in your fight – special effects, lightning blasts, bugs that attack your opponents, and more.

What chapters does the Blob hero have?

Blob Hero has 33 Chapters.

Do you have the ability to play Blob Hero on a PC?

Blob Hero is an action game that Rollic Games developed. BlueStacks application player can be the ideal computer platform (emulator) that lets you play the Android competition. Play it on your computer or Mac for a truly immersive gaming experience! You can play Blob Hero on PC and enjoy this action-packed game on your PC’s vast and stunning screen!


Blob Hero Mod APK is looking for you to assist the main character in completing his mission to save the world from threats. Now is the time to become a hero to humanity in general. You can install the MOD version on our site to boost your chances of winning when playing this game.

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