Dead Effect 2 Mod APK + OBB (Free Money) Download

Introduction to Dead Effect 2 Mod APK:

Dead Effect 2 Mod APK is an action game in which you turn into a warrior and battle opponents with weapons in your hands. Everyone cannot win the battle because the enemies in front of you are monsters, species that first appear on Earth. They are fierce and possess a wide range of particular talents.

Dead Effect 2 MOD APK

In Dead Effect 2 Mod APK Unlimited Health, you join the group of survivors and fight with the monsters. Android players will surely enjoy playing this adventure game. Choose between the three characters conducted by Dr Wagner with unique abilities and skills. Take on a range of fun in-game tasks while fighting fully-armed adversaries and uncovering the mysteries beneath those experiments.


App Name Dead Effect 2
Category Action
Version 220322.2470
Rated For 18+ • Extreme Violence
Mod Info Unlimited Money



Dead Effect 2 Mod APK Unlimited Crystal is the sequel to this game. The story involves 2045 in which strange events in the spaceship ESS Meridian. The ESS Meridian is going to the planet Tau Ceti to establish a new human settlement. The spacecraft is the only means of transportation. At the start of the game, the dark and quiet environment gives you shivers because you know something dreadful will happen.

Most of the crew is sleeping on the long journey. Only a few people who were guarding the ship were awakened. Once the spaceship gets out of the atmosphere of Earth into an unknown place, all the laws, rules, ethics, and rules disappear. Some members of the spacecraft, for some strange reason, to conduct some experiments, went on the rampage. They were doing an investigation to clone the cyborgs. Some mistakes happen in the experiments. The trials’ copies have now evolved into zombies and mutant beasts. The spaceship has become a battlefield that was once a peaceful journey place.

Dead Effect 2 MOD APK

In Dead Effect 1, the player has to play as a soldier on the ship, with some crew members sleeping in hibernation. You wake them up in a terrible situation and force them to fight till their last breath with these creatures. But in deadly effect 2, things evolved differently.

Earth has sent a team of soldiers on the spaceship ESS Meridian. Their goal is to track the spaceship and destroy all the remaining terrifying creatures and alive people. Soldiers, zombies, monsters, exotic objects, and lucky individuals battling for their life are all perplexed. You’re one of them. It means you’ll have to combat monsters and zombies while still keeping an eye on the special force team’s every move.


Most of the Controls of Dead Effect 2 APK Mod are similar to part one. The game is in the first-person perspective (FPP) view. You can move the character with the button left side of the screen. You can Aim at the target by moving your thumb on the net. On the right side of the screen, there are weapons, explosives, scopes, and defensive attack equipment such as guns. You can change these items on the screen in the game’s main menu.

dead effect 2 mod apk unlimited money and ammo

However, unlike the original installment, Dead Effect 2 has endowed the characters with an auto-fire system. You just have to aim at the target, and it will fire automatically. It helps to destroy enemies quickly. This update enables the player to reduce efforts and save time.


Free Version Features

Mod Version Features

NO Money Unlimited Money
Include in-game purchases & locked Premium Features Free to use + Everything Unlocked
Frustrating Ads Ads Free
Limited Features Fully Featured/ Premium Features Unlocked
Clean ( No Virus ) Clean ( No Virus )
Earn Money and Purchase Gems Unlimited Money & Gems
Spend Time to Unlock Levels Unlocked All levels 


The monsters wandering around the ship for a while now become more brutal, aggressive, and bloodthirsty. With all of this, if this game doesn’t have automatic shooting, then it will be challenging for the players to survive.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features:

Character Upgrade:

New character upgrades are available in Dead Effect 2 Mod APK Unlimited everything. You can use the character training Mode to increase the character experience. There are 100+ upgradeable body implements available in the game. Upgrade the Character gear sets, body skins, shapes, heart looks, and more in the customization menu.


Dead Effect 2 Mod APK has the latest NVIDIA graphical support. This is the first game that introduced PC graphics with high quality. Realistic graphics give a new feel and experience to the action. The game environment is made with sharpening quality. Every object looks very clear. In this game, the animations are made by professional voice artists, and the sound and timing are also very perfect. The game’s sound quality is similar to action movies that look very realistic. HDR effect makes it easy to see obstacles, creatures, and textures. All the credit goes to the game developers for providing such a fantastic game for action lovers.

dead effect 2 mod apk obb

RPG Element and Development:

You have access to 3 different characters in this game. Each character has its own personality and skills. You have to train them in training Mode to develop their experience and skills. Furthermore, there are 100+ upgrade implements for the body to increase its strength and fighting ability. There are 40+ weapons available in the game.

Customizable Controls:

Start with intuitive touch controls. The controls are straightforward, and you will get quickly familiar with the controls. When you progress in the game, you need to change the rules. You can customize the controls of the game according to your needs. If you do not feel comfortable with the default controls layout, you can change the configuration according to your preference.

Character Training:

You can access the full character training and development Model in the Dead Effect 2 game if you are interested. You can easily switch between the different paths and options in your character development progress. You can unlock new skills and upgrades and make your character a super-soldier.

dead effect 2 mod apk money

Use of Amazing Boosters:

If you have problems overwhelming the enemies, you can carry some valuable boosters. You can use them effectively to take down enemies and protect yourself from the enemy’s attacks. These excellent boosters give you a complete advantage over enemies while dealing with them. So make sure you carry them on the battlefield.

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Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Power
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited Unlock Points
  • Unlimited Upgrade Points

Why Mod APK?

Dead Effect 2 is a free game available on Google Play Store to Download and play. Then you will be asking if it is free to download, then why you should Download this from our website? Yes, it is a free game, but some of its credits are not free. You need that credits to upgrade your character and firearms. So the Mod version of the Dead Effect 2 game provides unlimited credits. Moreover, you will get infinite ammo and total health.


Android players who are interested in playing zombie shooting games, they will find themselves extremely enjoyable while playing Dead Effect 2 Mod APK. Download this game’s latest version with whole fun and thrilling horror shooter game and epic story. Mainly you’re allowed to enjoy the entire game with all the features unlocked with our Mod.


Is Dead Effect 2 Mod APK available offline?

Yes, this game is designed just for Android users. This game is entirely free.

Is Dead Effect 2 Mod APK harm my Android?

This sort of APK file is potentially dangerous to your smartphone. However, if you Download this game from our website, it is entirely safe.

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